Suede Safari Hat with Full Leather Travel Bag @FHT2019

Journey In Style

Maggie Mungai & Monique Brown are the dynamic duo that merged, Annabelle Thom & Travellers, two independent labels in early 2017 to create African Classics.  Later, Noni Weru joined these two ladies creating a trio of specialists.

We have now become known for our ‘adventure in style’ look, which connects each product to the brand’s continental roots. We strive to create spaces and pieces that are a melding of function and aesthetics, Our products durability is a testament to African Classic’s exemplary workmanship.

African Classics has broadened its original utilitarian style into chic new pieces that embody fashion and function for your home interior design, safari adventures and fashion forward events.

xoxo Maggie, Monique & Noni