Suede Safari Hat with Full Leather Travel Bag @FHT2019

Journey In Style

Maggie Mungai & Monique Brown are the dynamic duo that merged, Annabelle Thom & Travellers, two independent labels in early 2017 to create African Classics.  This seamless merger of fashion bags, jewelry and travel accessories - known for their ‘adventure in style’ look - connects each product to the brand’s continental roots. Beyond function and aesthetic, their product durability is a testament to African Classic’s exemplary workmanship.

Maggie & Monique are two Kenyan women who wanted to showcase the talent and quality of workmanship that Kenyans have to offer, after years of friendly competition in selling travel accessories and an even longer friendship they opened up Travellers in 2013 in Nairobi Kenya. 

Annabelle Thom started her first production almost 20 years ago on the banks of Lake Naivasha making hats, bags and fashion accessories that embodied a safari chic feel. Both companies have always had a long history and heartfelt connection with the African Continent, the merging of these two to form African Classics was almost a natural progression. 

Not only does the amazing Annabelle Thom line live on, but Travellers has extended its utilitarian style into chic new pieces that embody fashion and function, made with our beautiful African spirit.

We also offer custom design and fabrication for items to help compliment your design ideas, as well as offer manufacturing of your lines through our production facility. 

xoxo Maggie & Monique