Non Medical Face Mask Denim

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In fighting the fight with the world against COVID-19 we have made our own masks. 

Following CDC for a heavy weave for external cover, we selected denim for the outside of our masks, internally they have the required non-woven lining and then a further third soft cotton interior lining. Elastic for around the ears for easy fit, while supplies last, then we will revert to tied straps. 

We offer these in Adult or Child sizes and hope that we can help make a difference in our little way. 

Quite a few people have asked how we are making this for $2 per piece and making money, the answer is we are not making money. Our goal is to support Kenya, our country, our families and our staff. We would like to continue our staff working and if we can make enough masks during this time to ensure that we are paying even our staff currently at home a full salary, then that is great for us! 

We can also arrange for delivery of these masks to you throughout Kenya as well as the world and will bill cost for shipping to you. 

Join the fight, support small businesses and spread love, not the virus. 


Maggie & Monique