Non Medical Face Mask Cotton Print (Pack of 2 Inclusive of Delivery PLUS x1 Donation in Kenya)

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In fighting the fight with the world against COVID-19 we have made our own masks.  We are offering packs of two inclusive of shipping for $12, and when you order one pack, we will donate another mask to a needy person or organization here in Kenya! We can even send you details on who has received your mask donation!

These beautiful double layer cotton masks have an opening for a removal non-woven lining to be added should you wish to add it. The outer cotton print is made to mimic the ever beautiful African Mud Cloth, the inner is a natural cotton color. Each mask ties back to fit your face just right!

We offer these in Adult or Child sizes and hope that we can help make a difference in our little way. 

We can also arrange for delivery of these masks to you throughout Kenya as well as the world and will bill cost for shipping to you. 

Join the fight, support small businesses and spread love, not the virus. 


Maggie & Monique