Covid-19 Prevention Policy with African Classics

While this is not something we like to write about, it needs to be said. So what are we doing to try and help all our staff? 

We have currently reduced staff working in order to give the best spacing available, we do have plans to build a bigger factory, but have to wait for that for when we are out of lock down. 

At the entrance of our workshop we have hand washing stations, all staff have masks that they wear during work, and to and from work. We also pay for these staff transport charges, as in times of need, some people seem to increase fares and try and make more money. This is not fair on our staff. We make our own staff lunch now giving the staff the opportunity for a good meal, and not have to worry about traveling around trying to find available food as less vendors are open, and those that are open have again increased the prices. 

We also have sent home staff for now as the requirement for work is much less than we normally have, but those staff while at home are receiving half salary in order to meet their needs. We hope this is temporary, we hope this ends relatively soon. 

But in the meantime we have changed our main manufacturing to face masks and are offering them on order online, or via orders w our factory. No we are not making money off the masks, we feel that this would be wrong, our goal is ensure all our staff even those at home can take home full salaries and stay safe. 

God bless everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, and of course please support small businesses like ours. Our small staff of 11 have 67 people in their families that they support in total. They need our support, they need our love, and they need work. 

We hope that you are well, we hope that this journey ends soon and we can all get together for a laugh and a hug. 


Maggie & Monique