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How We Create, R&D, The Art of Design -

We run into this a lot. We spend months designing a bag, testing it, redesigning it.. and then we launch it... and two weeks later... someone else has changed a pocket and used a different material, but same bag, same size, same design!   At first we used to get really angry..... We used to ask ourselves: Do they have any idea how long this took us to come up with? Do they know how much time and effort has gone into this design? But the answer was always... yes... yes they know and no... they don't care.  So we...

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Adventures at Travellers, The Art of The Upcycle, The Start of Our Journey -

I think its a bit surprising to see myself and my business partner Maggie doing what we do to some people. But what they miss out on is how much we love the art of the upcycle! We started Travellers because there was a great opportunity for us to redesign the old stand by designs that I had been previously making with East African Canvas for the past ten years. We wanted to showcase how talented our group of stitchers and cutters were that we had, and what talent was available in Kenya, by Kenyans. We both worked in areas...

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