How we merged into African Classics...

How we merged into African Classics...

How we merged into African Classics...

Things have been so exciting here over the last year that I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you!

When Maggie & I started Roar Media 3 years ago, we were solely focused on digital brand management with our very small select group of clients. We loved it, and we worked hard. Then along came another opportunity to add to our existing team and take over small products from East African Canvas. So we had a small chat over some wine, and jumped with both feet straight in.

Now, I had already been running small products for EACC for 10+ years, so I knew what I was getting into. But with a backing of a large company like EACC and such a large team to support me, this was really quite easy. Taking this venture on for the two of us, was quite a daunting task. But it was one that we were really excited to do.

Tana Bag Wristlet
We spent the first year continuing with the same designs and learning our own production and management ways. We also rebranded the product with Traveller's and started using our expertise to really push the new brand image and product lines. After the first year we had created quite a well known brand in Kenya and now started to venture a little bit out of our comfort zone with new designs and products. What an exciting time the next year ended up being. Your artistic juices really start flowing. Sketches and meeting and prototypes came into being and our spirit and soul really started to show in all the new products.
Mara Square Cooler, Lunch Box (Both Insulated), Lipstick / Coin Purse and Travel Wallet
In year two we opened out own wood production workshop, now making all of our own chair frames, tables and umbrellas as well as some beautiful custom pieces for very special clients. Having control over wood choices, stains, finishes of design and a team really helped allow us to showcase what was quickly building into a lifestyle brand, not just a bag designer. Little did we know how true this was to become!
In January of 2017 we opened up discussions with an amazing designer and friend of ours, and once again took the leap that we never knew we were brave enough to do! We have now merged Roar Media Ltd with African Classics Ltd. and are now the proud owners of the Lifestyle Brand... African Classics! This first year so far has been nothing but scary, exciting and exhausting! But I don't regret a thing.
We now produce Traveller's bags and insulated coolers as well as Annabelle Thom luxury line of handbags, accessories and clothing and have grown leaps and bounds in our line of Safari-esq furniture as well. We have grown from a small dedicated shop at our offices, to stocking our products in Duty Free Shops as Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Langata Link Shops, The Urban African Lifestyle in The Hub, Dari Restaurant, Pink Skink at The Junction and Spinners Web and will be opening our first flagship shop in Rosslyn Riviera on Thursday the 28th of September 2017!
Custom Made Mvuli Wood Dining Table and Bench Set

The natural growth from one specific business to another has been amazing and has felt so organic. Working with such a great business partner and friend has made this work, in all the right ways. I can't wait to see what new exciting adventures and designs we come up with over the next years as well!

Our next task is updating and adding to our website which is quite a big job ahead. The work never ends... but the adventures just keep coming along. Thank you all for growing with us and staying in touch. I appreciate every single one of you that has helped grow and support us in this latest adventure. You all know who you are! You are my friends, my family and my heart!

May your days be busy, happy and full of laughter!

xoxo Monique