Creations.. Time.. and Lots of Mistakes!

Creations.. Time.. and Lots of Mistakes!

We are now just over one year into our business with Traveller's and boy have we travelled and learned so much along the road!

We have tried out new bags that have become huge hits, and some that have died a swift death! We have learned about stock and quality controls and building a great team that now 16 months down the line... we are proud to have working side by side with us. 

Over the next 6 months we have set goals to reduce our outlet shop footprint at Magadi Tenting Centre and branch out to several different shops across Kenya to carry our products. The journey begins to get our bags, fashion, and sense of excitement closer to you.

In the meantime we are currently developing a new line of bags and leave you with only this one image as a clue to what we are up to! 

What could we be designing that brings this to mind?

With that little ounce of excitement bubbling from my lips.. we leave you to continue working on our dreams...


Maggie & Monique