Every Little Bit of Support Helps...

Some of the best and saddest parts of our job.... April 11 2017

Trying to help Mguu....
Last year we were called by David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) to try and help them out with a beautiful baby elephant that was missing a foot. Mguu had tried desperately to keep up with the herd, but eventually it was proving too much for such a small thing and mummy had kept trying to go back and feed her child. 
DSWT decided the only option was to bring the small baby back and try their very best to help him. Mguu had warn his skin down to the bone and the team was very worried about an infection getting septic and killing the baby before any treatment could be given.... so they started their course of cleaning, medication and constant love and attention on this little one. 
As Mguu got better Angela & Daphne came up with the great idea of a removable shoe, that was properly padded, comfortable and we could keep adjusting as Magoo grew... so they gave us a call to come out and see what we could do....
Having never made elephant shoes... this was quite a challenge. Sketches and meetings happened, sample after sample were made.. until we think we finally got the right shoe for this little one to learn to walk in. Made extra durable for weight to be placed on with a soft tie up back... this became a mixture of soft leathers, breathable netting for above the leg and strong durable padding, we hoped that this would help with his healing process. We managed to source some sheepskins to line the inside to help with comfort and making these inserts removable so that they can be washed and replaced. 
Mguu with bandages on his little leg.
The prognosis for Mguu, sadly did not end as we had hoped, he passed away after struggling to heal. We loved trying our best to help him, and will continue to support DSWT in anyway possible. 
To donate to the David Sheldrick organization, follow this link..
https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org where you can sponsor an elephant or make direct donations to help so many lovely orphans out there!
Maggie & Monique