What's New in 2017!

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What's New in 2017!

The last two years for Maggie & I have been crazy! We have put so much of our hearts into making Traveller's the wonderful success that it is and we are so excited with the feedback that we have been receiving! Thank you for all the support! 

What you might not know is that in February of this year we merged with Annabelle Thom and are now under the umbrella of African Classics! This has meant a very busy last few months! 

What started out as a small wood workshop has turned into a larger home and garden furniture section than we every thought was possible and we have made some beautiful pieces that have travelled around the world for very special clients. 

With the addition of the Annabelle Thom line and outlets we have expanded our reach all over and gone to some amazing events! The very first for us was the Fashion High Tea 2017 at Zen Garden... and it was just as amazing as we thought it might be. We have met with some of Kenya and East Africa's best stylists and designers and are currently working on two collaborations which will be revealed in the coming months... if we can keep the secret that long! 

We can't thank everyone enough in helping us along this journey and supporting us, thank you again! We hope to keep receiving feedback, love and support from each of you and grow our company spreading happiness, beauty and love around the globe! 

Stay tuned for new locations, events, ideas and amazing products coming out! Annabelle is working on a new line as we speak and so is Maggie! It really is the year of #NothingButGoodVibes! 

Love Always,

Maggie & Monique

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